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Our Approach

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We tailor and deliver learning interventions (often using roleplay to facilitate the learning) to be an ideal fit to our clients’ requirements. We take time to understand the organisation, the culture and what needs to be delivered. We design to fit this reality and to serve the needs of the individual learner.

From initial contact, the process we follow will be built around our client’s requirements. We will take a detailed brief, before creating our response and we remain in close consultation, tuning the delivery to hit or exceed all requirements.

We create learning encounters that use actors in scenarios that are absolutely real and believable to ensure a useful, enjoyable, positive and often powerful experience for all.

We foster a safe ‘learning laboratory’, working confidentially and supportively, challenging and encouraging the individuals and teams we work with to experiment and apply new learning.

Quality of feedback is fundamental to our ethos and offers valuable insight for the learner, prompting them to reflect and encouraging them to consider other perspectives.


Roleplay, facilitation and coaching are our core skills and we offer these directly to organisations as part of their own programmes, or through our own range of training programmes. We also offer programme creation and design, psychometric profiling and assessment.


We work both directly with client organisations and to support learning and development providers.