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Support for Learning & Development Providers

We collaborate with a number of leading learning and development providers, adding our specialised skills of roleplay and drama, facilitation and coaching in support of their delivery.

We work closely with these partners to form a seamless part of their team in situations ranging from facilitating international leadership development programmes, to coaching individuals in many different sectors, locations and cultures.


  • “The actors at Dramatic Improvement are exceptionally skilled at bringing the learning experience to life for our clients!  They combine agility with a strong adaptive mindset and are always willing to go the extra mile!

Rhea Duttagupta

Founder of CorporateDNAconsulting and author of Leadership it’s in your DNA


  • “Dramatic Improvement delivers truly excellent learning experiences through role-play. They have a tremendous ability to draw the delegates into their reality such that real behaviour is exposed. We have used them over a number of years now and they continue to deliver work that is both fresh and insightful. In short the clients love them. They understand the business issues well and bring that knowledge to bear in the solutions we co-develop. I cannot speak highly enough of the support and challenge that we have received from Dramatic Improvement. It feels like a great partnership.”

Graham Smith, Director

Sykes Fairbairn


  • “I have been fortunate enough to work with this exceptionally talented team in the design and delivery of a development centre.  Dramatic Improvement exceeded all my expectations in terms of creativity and delivery.  Their role plays are extremely realistic, stretching and developing the delegates to the maximum.  The team’s feedback is intuitive and accurate.  I have no hesitation in recommending Dramatic Improvement to any client … their work is truly inspirational.”

Julia Carden Chartered FCIPD

Carden Consulting


  • “Dramatic Improvement deliver what their name suggests.  They’re creative in their design, have the understanding of business to create realistic simulations, and skilled at coaching people to find their own answers.  A highly professional outfit – recommended without hesitation.”

Adie Shariff

HaynesShariff Ltd 


  • “Dramatic Improvement to me sums up a highly skilled resource that’s flexible and easy to use in a whole host of ways.  I’ve had these guys out on development exercises in the middle of Dartmoor and down potholes as part of education programmes, plus occasionally they get to work in more comfortable corporate surroundings conducting business simulations.  Whatever the setting, the work the team deliver is always first rate.  They set very high standards and keep to them consistently, which means I have absolute trust in them.  I also have to say that they’re great fun to work with.”

Dave Davenport, Managing Director


Psychometric profiling

Working alongside programmes which use psychometric modelling as a learning tool, we can layer roleplay encounters for delegates to practice communicating with types that they find challenging.  We have worked to complement psychometric models and products that include Myers-Briggs, SDI, DISC, Insights, SHL and 360 reviews.


We are certified to administer and debrief DISC reports and SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) self-assessments, illuminating the key principles of relationship awareness and integrating relationship and conflict management skills into a variety of applications such as leadership development, team building, influence, and communication.


Roleplay scenarios are highly valued by occupational psychologists and assessors seeking to gain a thorough understanding of an individual’s performance level and ability to apply their skills.  This may be during a recruitment process, as part of a reorganisation/restructure or a development programme.  In this application consistency is important and we can create and/or deliver roles for delegates to encounter in assessment environments that provide a benchmarked level of challenge.


We have experience in writing immersive experiential assessment exercises to provide challenges against competency frameworks.  An example of this would be an in-tray which includes written tasks, roleplay scenarios, group challenges, presentations and feedback.  In some cases we have also provided ongoing coaching to the delegates in the programme.