11 Mar Customer Experience Development

Who for:
A premium motor retailer.

What required:
Facilitated workshop for directors to consider how to uplift customer experience, followed by support for them to run experiential workshops with all staff, culminating in a whole staff event.

We delivered:
We designed and delivered three parts of an overall programme to uplift customer experience.  Firstly an intervention with the leadership team, to help them understand and embrace customer-centric service.   This included a ‘retail experience’ activity with evaluation of a range of retail standards.  Following this work with the leaders of the business, we designed and supported their delivery of cross-functional workshops that sought to help staff see the customers’ perspective and consider how their approach could be changed to uplift the customers’ experience.  Finally we brought the entire staff body together and delivered an event that pulled together all their thinking and supported them to develop action plans for improvement, with the whole workforce engaged and energised.

This is a market leading business, already delivering an excellent customer experience.  The work done has moved that dial to exceptional.

Feedback from participants included:
“We are all fully recharged and ready for the challenge!!”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of days and I am really looking forward to our next event.”
“Thanks for your time, insight, coaching and patience during our meetings.” cheap hotels madelinemullinst5fg33.blogspot.com .

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