11 Mar Avoiding Bullying & Harassment Training

Who for:
A quality assurance organisation.

What required:
Training entitled ‘Working with Dignity & Respect”, to be designed and delivered firstly to those in management positions, then rollout out to entire workforce.

We delivered:
We designed a programme that not only defined harassment and bullying, but also focused on behaviours.  Using forum theatre as a provocation, we prompted participants firstly to develop their own view on what was completely unacceptable and unacceptable in some circumstances (the grey area of the subject), before creating their own charter for positive behaviours that would allow them to work in accordance with their own Dignity & Respect policy.  By coaching through forum theatre, participants also put into practice the skills that we offered to support them in not only avoiding bully and harassment, but also to successfully challenge behaviour outside their definition of Dignity & Respect.

The programme was delivered at the client’s various UK sites and evaluated positively by all participants.  From the client: “There has been a brilliant hum about the place with people talking about how good it was, and already talk of what else we could do in a similar way.”

Feedback from participants included:
“Excellent use of our time”
“A very informative and useful session”
“A really effective learning opportunity”
“Excellent session.  Best training course I have been on!”
“A really helpful and useful session!”
“Very useful session and will provide a good basis for self reflection.”

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