11 Mar Communication Skills in Clinical Consulting

Who for:
A national college for medical professionals.

What required:
Professional roleplay actors to simulate clinical consultations and provide feedback on the communication skills used by the practitioner.

We delivered:
Working with the faculty of this national college, we have supported the development and delivery of their flagship training, designed to prepare medical professionals for their ultimate assessment (to attain Consultant status).  Working across clinical, ethical and communication focused cases, we provide roleplay actors to simulate a wide range of patients.  Running a circuit of consultations, we provide participants the maximum opportunity to practice and refine their skills by consulting on a range of cases.  Following each simulation the professional roleplay actor provides feedback on the communication skills of the participant, affording them the patient’s perspective and understanding of the impact of their approach.

This programme is designed to prepare clinical professionals for their final assessment and we have supported it for over five years.  Pass rates for the faculty we work with are amongst the very highest in the country.  Participants of the programme provide consistently positive feedback about the contribution of the Dramatic Improvement team.

Feedback from participants include:
Lots of opportunity for us to get feedback on performance and tips from experts!”
“Cases and actors were excellent – thank you very much for organising this.”
“Supported.  Good constructive feedback.  The actors – BRILLIANT!  Very good to practice cases.”
“Fantastic actors.  Great cases and learning.  Highly recommended.”
“Great to be watched/critiqued on role play/practice cases and useful feedback.”
“Actors were amazing!”

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