26 Mar Embedding Emotional Intelligence

Who for:
An international finance company

What required:
To encourage senior managers to shift focus from operational management, to the development and deployment of their own emotional intelligence to influence and lead people.

We delivered:
We worked with our client, a training consultancy, to create forum theatre scenarios which reflected some of the existing company dysfunctions, and which spoke to the theoretical ideas and psychometric models being used in the training.

Actor/facilitators presented the scenes to stimulate engagement. This high energy, fun and interactive approach allowed the participants to recognise behaviours, identify and acknowledge difficulties, use their own performance management scale to rate the displayed behaviours against objectives, and then to coach the actor playing the manager towards a more successful outcome.
Actors went on to work on scenarios created by the learners so that they could practice a situation needing their emotional intelligence and which they defined as “difficult”, in safety.

The programme was considered a resounding success by the client and the rollout extended several times.  In learner surveys, the interactive forum theatre was invariably cited as the most powerful element.

The UK programme was deemed so successful that it was rolled out to the USA, utilising the skills of our US based actors.

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