26 Mar A provocative conference opening

Who for:
A UK Unitary Local Authority, social care section.

What required:
A stimulating and entertaining conference opening to set the scene and present the contentious issues under debate in an even-handed way.

We delivered:
Research into the subject with the client led to the development of three forum theatre scenarios.  These were rehearsed and presented with costume and props by a team of five actors and a lead facilitator.

The conference of 160 multi agency workers learned about the different perspectives of their colleagues through a number of hilarious, moving and hard-hitting scenes.  The efficacy of their various potential interventions were then tested.  Volunteers from the audience, managed by our skilled facilitator, sought to try out their ideas of how to do things better by taking on a role in the re-played scenario.

“You brought the subject to life”
“I remembered that I really do care”

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