26 Mar Polishing your Presence, Passion and Power

Who for:
A training company specialising in Diversity in Leadership within UK University environments.

What required:
A one-day interactive session to help 15 BME leaders to develop their personal leadership skills, with particular focus on supporting their authentic voices being displayed in a positively influential manner.

We delivered:
Research with the client created a forum theatre script delivered by a team of three actor/facilitators.
Carefully created one-to-one role-plays containing appropriate challenges were enacted in small groups with actor/facilitators managing the process and feedback.
Personalised bespoke conversations were created for individual learners for them to practice their self-identified challenges with particular people they have difficulty in successfully influencing.

Some significant and deep reflections on the parts of the delegates as to how to best deploy their passion and power to maximum effect.

“Thank you again for the successful day on Monday. Having the continuity of Ruth, Deborah and yourself over the years is great. The very positive reflections by the group on the next day were a good indication of the impact of the experience.”

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